• Workers walking out on ‘fast-food strike day'

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - A grassroots group spent “fast food strike day” protesting at several Seattle restaurants, encouraging workers to walk out.

    Members of Working Washington walked several blocks chanting their demands.

    Their first target was the IHOP next to Seattle University.

    “Walk out, we got your back," the group chanted.

    At least two employees signed a legal notice telling management they won't be coming into work Thursday.

    Larkin Potts is a server and has two kids.

    We told him what critics of a 60 percent wage hike say:  Get a better education to be able to make $15 an hour.  

    Potts responded: “Um.. I say to that. Um. I don't know for them,  but for me, that's not good enough."

    McDonald’s in Crown Hill was the group’s next stop.

    Employee Julia Depape said $15 an hour would help get her out of homelessness.

    Asked why she’s not asking for something like $10 an hour, she said, “Because we deserve more than $10 an hour."

    And Working Washington says low wage workers do want to better themselves.

    "They've all said that they either want to go back to school and get an education, they're working really hard, or many of them do have college or associates  degrees," said Sejal Parikhm, with Working Washington.

    Working Washington will continue to protest restaurants and will end with a rally at Westlake Park at 4 p.m.

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