• Fans should hold off buying Sonics gear


    SEATTLE - After hearing that NBA officials approved the sale of the Sacramento Kings, fans are now looking for Sonics merchandise.


    However, some fans are holding off on purchasing items with the Sonics logo because of where the money will go.


    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Gary Horcher spoke with owners of an Olympia business that is trying to keep up with the demand for shirts after the news of the deal.


    “You know, orders are going crazy so these guys have been brought in to help us sort and ship,” said David Vahey of Sonics Fever T-shirts.


    Vahey’s business started two weeks ago, and the shirt company said customers want to celebrate.


    “He can’t wait for his shirt to come in the mail because he’s going to wear it to work probably seven days a week and never take it off. Probably sleep in it,” said Vahey about a fan.


    While fans anticipate the Sacramento Kings becoming the Seattle Sonics, there are a couple of things to be aware of.


    Most importantly, the NBA Board of Governors has to approve the deal.


    The head of the NBA’s relocation committee is Clay Bennett, who moved the Sonics to Oklahoma City after the 2008 season.


    As of right now, Bennett owns the legal rights to the old SuperSonics name and logos.


    Steven Pyeatt of Save our Sonics said the fans should keep one thing in mind if they plan to purchase new Sonics gear.


    “It’s very likely if they buy anything with a real Sonics logo on it. That money’s going to go right straight to Oklahoma City,” said Pyeatt. “I think the average fan is like me. I completely boycotted the NBA as far as them getting any of my money on July 2, 2008. That boycott will end around the first of November when they have the NBA back in town.”


    When a team is officially in Seattle, Bennett is expected to give the Sonics name and logo rights back to the city for free.


    Sonics Fever T-shirts and Save our Sonics do not use the Sonics name or logo so they do not have to pay royalties to the NBA.


    City of Seattle attorneys are expected to begin the process of requesting Sonics naming rights soon, and they've promised to do that at no cost to Chris Hansen.


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