• Family discovers via Flickr that their home survived the Taylor Bridge Fire


    A Central Washington family now knows their home survived the Taylor Bridge Fire, thanks to a photo uploaded to the Department of Natural Resources' Flickr page.

    DNR staffers snapped the picture on August 13 and titled it "Home and Outbuildings Make it Through Fast-moving Fire." The agency detailed on its blog what happened next:

    A few days later, we received this wonderful email:

    Just wanted to thank you for this pic:

    The little white house is our place, and our parents next door were taking care of our home & dogs while we left on a week’s vacation to the Oregon beach on Saturday. Needless to say our vacation wasn’t very relaxing for a couple days! The now iconic picture of our neighbor’s place behind us burning, as well as recognizable forest burning hot just down the road, and updates of friends and co workers listening to the scanner relaying the battle in Clark Flats going for hours lead us to believe that our house and out buildings were history.

    THANK GOD the firefighters proved us wrong!

    You can read the full story over on DNR's blog: washingtondnr.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/social-media-brings-good-news-to-one-family-effected-by-the-taylor-bridge-fire/

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