• Families hold out hope for loved ones

    By: Maria Guerrero


    OSO, Wash. - Families continue to hold out hope their loved ones will be found after Saturday’s deadly mudslide.       

    Right now there are 176 reports of missing people. Snohomish County officials said Tuesday morning they expect that number to go down because some people may have been reported missing twice.

    The number of people who died in the landslide stood at 14 Tuesday morning.       

    However, the number of fatalities is expected to go up today as search crews scour the land, according to officials.

    Many people were home late Saturday morning when the massive mudslide hit. Some were driving by State Route 530, others were working on people's homes.       

    Ronald DeQuilettes is an electrician who was working at Larry and Sandy Miller's house when the wall of mud came crashing down on them, according to breakingskagit.com.       

    DeQuilettes’ wife says he was working on a house but does not want to disclose which house he was working at.       

    Denver Harris, 14, has also been reported as missing.

    A family friend tells KIRO-TV Denver's mother grew up in Darrington and is heading to the area to help in any way she can.       

    While county officials say the search and rescue is still underway, they acknowledge no one has been found alive in the mountain of mud and debris since Saturday.

    “We've requested a mortuary team to assist us in this process pretty much speaks for itself but i said this yesterday and I'm going to reiterate it I believe in miracles and I believe people can survive these events. They've done it before, they can do it again," said John Pennington, Director of the Snohomish County Emergency Management Department.  

    Many people have been reported missing from the Steelhead Drive area.

    On Sunday, Snohomish County Fire Chief Travis Hots said the Steelhead Drive neighborhood “is no longer there.” Reed Miller and his son Joseph were in a house on Steelhead Drive.

    Christina Jefferds was with her granddaughter, Sanoah Huestis as well. Jefferds is the wife of an Oso firefighter.

    Amanda Lennick just moved into a house in the area a week ago. Bill Welsh was at Lennick’s house installing a water heater.

    Stephen Neal was also at the house. Steven Hadaway was installing a satellite dish at the house as well.  

    If you are missing a loved one and haven't done so already.

    Call the county’s call center at 425-388-5088. Snohomish county officials said the call center has gotten a lot of calls.

    Pennington said that is good news because they are trying to consolidate the missing posts on the Internet into one official list of the missing.  

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