• Fallen soldiers honored at Seattle cemetery


    SEATTLE -  Fifteen hundred roses were distributed at Evergreen Washelli, a Seattle cemetery, Sunday on graves of fallen soldiers.

    The flowers were up on stage at Benaroya Hall on Saturday evening during the Ten Grands piano concert.

    Organizers of the concert felt the roses could serve dual purposes – resting on the stone markers of military men and women.

    “The roses kind of are here to finish unfinished business let’s say, you can never not continue to honor servicemen,” said concert co-founder Steve Dewalt.

    Ten Naval ROTC cadets from the University of Washington volunteered their time to distribute the flowers.

    “As we put them out here, just looking over the soldiers graves, seeing where they served and where they were from (was great)," said officer candidate Quinn Challinor. “I’ve personally had a couple losses in the last couple of years with the wars.”

    Challinor said she brought along her mother to help this Mother’s Day, and her husband who also served in the Navy.

    “I feel it’s not only our duty, it’s an honor to come out and honor these gentlemen, these fallen soldiers who came before us, made the country the way it is today,” said Brad Jacobs.

    In 2011 and 2012, Army cadets from Seattle University volunteered to help. 

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