• Fake cop steals thousands from elderly people


    SEATTLE - Police are looking for a man who’s pretending to be a cop and scamming the elderly out of tens of thousands of dollars.

    He has stolen at least $75,000 by calling people between the ages of 78 and 90 posing as an police officer, and using names that seem ripped from a crime drama like “Captain Jack Truska” and “Sgt. Drumbowski.”

    Then the con-artist asks the elderly person if they can help in a sting operation by convincing them their bank is involved in a counterfeiting operation.

    He tells them to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars so he can check the serial numbers.

    Inevitably he tells them the money is fake, and he needs it.  The con man meets victims dressed as a “plain clothed undercover police officer.”

    Victims describe the con man as very convincing.  He uses a lot of cop lingo and really seems to have his routine down.  He also spends a lot of time on the phone with his victims, often coming across busy and important-- even putting some on hold to take another urgent call.

    A Seattle Police spokesman wrote in a press release that officers will never randomly call people and ask them to take part in a sting.  The release said a real officer will never call from a blocked number.

    Police advise people to talk to their elderly relatives about the dangers of these types of scams. 

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