• Fake cop arrested with real gun

    By: Lee Stoll


    Monroe, Wash. - A man with a history of impersonating cops is accused of doing it again; this time with a loaded gun. A jail jumpsuit is not the “uniform” Antonio Codute-Farrison is used to wearing.

     "The state would like to impose bail in the amount of $5,000," said a prosecutor at his first appearance hearing.  According to court papers, the 24-year-old tried to enter a Monroe gun show last weekend with a holstered gun. When security asked for ID, he flashed a badge and told them he was an undercover Washington state patrol officer.  A background check turned up several convictions so organizers called police. "Anything that might erode the public trust in law enforcement is a big concern for us," said Snohomish County spokesperson Shari Ireton.

    Detectives searched Condute-Farrison’s car, which is a retired sheriff’s SUV with a light bar. They found a Glock pistol with a tactical light, two rifles, a detective's badge, handcuffs, a marked “Patrol” vest, a Taser and gun belts with police tools. Officers found similar items when Condute-Farrison was arrested in 2009 after walking into two Pierce County schools and allegedly telling students he was a narcotics officer.

     In 2008 the former security guard was also accused of trying to arrest his ex-girlfriend on an outstanding warrant and flashing a badge to break up a fight at a Lakewood market. "It's extremely bizarre. I wouldn't put on a smock and doctor's vest and start performing surgeries on people," said Washington State Trooper Mark Francis.

     Officers said most of the equipment he had can be bought online without a background check. "The general public can get Tasers, the general public can get pepper spray," said Francis. Now they want to know if this fake story was used to do any real police work. "If anybody was stopped by him or has some concerns or information about him, we'd like to know that," said Ireton.

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