• Bremerton fans charter boat to get to Seahawks celebration

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - Brett Anderson and his friends were determined not to miss the Seahawks parade in downtown Seattle. 

    They waited for hours in Bremerton for a ferry, but were caught in a backup for a boat. 

    Anderson said, "We walked down to the marina, called a guy and chartered a boat." 

    A total of 26 people hopped on board. 

    They each paid the skipper $30 and cruised directly to the Seattle waterfront.  Jessica Borrelli said it was worth every penny. 

    She said, "For me, it's the recognition of the 12th man. We're as much a part of this team and they recognize that." 

    Ryann Langlois agreed. We found him waiting in a big line to board a bus to Edmonds. 

    Langlois said it took him one and a half hours to ride into Seattle Wednesday, which was triple his usual commute. 

    The fan told us it was absolutely worth every minute. 

    Langlois said, "Hey, this is the Super Bowl trophy, man.  How many times do you get to see the Super Bowl trophy? Took the kids out of school, we're here!" 

    They got to see that Super Bowl trophy carried by Seahawks players in a military truck. 

    That truck wore a banner with the words, "Legion of Boom."

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