• Everett teen shot on elementary school basketball court

    By: Chris Legeros


    EVERETT, Wash. - Police used a search dog and a helicopter Saturday night to try to find one teen that shot another on the Horizon Elementary School basketball court. 

    A neighbor, John Martin said, "The only thing I heard was like a firecracker sound, a pop.” Minutes later, police were outside of his condominium, warning him to get inside.

    The police said the victim was playing basketball with a small group of friends, when a larger group of teens approached.  A verbal argument turned physical and a member of that larger group pulled out a gun and fired.

    Officer Aaron Snell said, “We’re just trying to sort out what happened. You know, who was in the original group? Who was in the large group that came?  What sparked the confrontation and ultimately who the shooter is?”

    Anxious relatives of one teen showed up insisting the incident was gang related. Police couldn't confirm that.  They did find a handgun on the ground at a nearby apartment complex. Police couldn't give us the age of the victim or his condition.

    By late Saturday, they had not arrested a suspect.  Witnesses described the suspect as in his late teens, skinny and bald.  They said he wore a blue T-shirt and jeans. 

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