• Everett officer shoots, kills aggressive pit bull


    EVERETT, Wash. - An Everett officer said he was forced to kill one of two aggressive pit bulls that charged him, but the owner said the dog was a sweet and loving animal.


    Officers were called to the 5400 block of Rockefeller Avenue at 11 a.m. Monday for a report of two pit bulls running loose, chasing cars and acting aggressively.


    Police said before that call, dispatchers had received multiple calls about loose dogs near a public walking path and an elementary school. 


     The responding officer could not find the dogs, but found a home in the 2000 block of 53rd Street Northeast where he believed the dogs lived, but no one answered the door.


    Police said as the officer turned to leave, he was confronted by two pit bulls. 


    Everett police spokesman Aaron Snell said while the officer was trapped on the porch, one of the dogs advanced on the officer, who kicked it away.  When the dog charged a second time, the officer shot it. 


    The second dog, named Broden, ran from the scene, but was later found by the owner.


     The dogs’ owner, Matthew Shong, said the dog killed, named Pups, was one year old.


    “I think it's very wrong what happened here today,” said Shong.


    Shong said his dogs have always been playful and great with children.


    “(Pups) has never been aggressive -- just a loving, sweet animal,” said Shong.


    Everett police said there have been ongoing complaints to Everett police and Animal Control about the dogs.


    Everett Animal Control officers responded and removed the dead dog. 


    The incident is under investigation and will include any past complaints about the dogs. 


    The officer, a 14-year-old law enforcement veteran, was not hurt.


    The second dog has not been seen since the incident and remains at large.

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