• Pike Place Market seeing uptick in violent crimes


    SEATTLE - Even those that know the Pike Place Market the best have seen a change of late.

    "I have certainly noticed just in recent times there have been more fights and greater amounts of violence," said veteran pedi-cab driver Sacsha Toda-Peters.

    The areas in and around Pike Place Market have seen several relatively high-profile violent crimes within a 72-hour window.

    There was stabbing near Victor Steinbrueck Park Friday afternoon.

    On Friday night, a  man was nearly beaten to death by at least two other men near First and Pike.

    Finally, a woman shot another woman in a car outside the Noc Noc bar near Second and Pike early Saturday.

    Seattle resident Nicole Reeves had some advice for tourists as she enjoyed the view by the market Sunday evening.

    "I would definitely not go anywhere without mace at night, not here," Reeves said.

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