• Estranged husband arrested in murder of Bothell woman

    By: Alison Grande


    BOTHELL, Wash. -  The estranged husband of a Bothell woman who was found dead at her home has been arrested.

    A KIRO 7 Eyewitness News crew was there when police put Smith into a patrol car to take him to the jail Thursday night. Our crew asked, “Alan, did you kill your wife?” Smith didn’t answer. Detectives are convinced they have the evidence they need.

    Sgt. Ken Seuberlich with Bothell Police said, “Things have been coming in slowly through the course of the investigation. Today the detectives felt comfortable making the arrest.”

    The body of 37-year-old Susann Smith was discovered in a bathtub in February. Police said she died of head injuries. Her husband, Alan Smith, had only been a person of interest in the case until Friday, when he was arrested in Bothell at 8:15 a.m. "It's good. We hope this is the end of it for the neighborhood and the neighborhood can move on," said Barry Sapsford, who watched the arrest from his home.

    According to a warrant to search Alan Smith's home, the couple had been going through a bitter divorce. Court documents show Susann Smith could have been beaten with a mallet – one that investigators said Alan Smith bought at Home Depot along with coveralls months ago, before Susann Smith's death. Investigators said they also found traces of blood on the steering wheel of Alan Smith's Mercedes and on his backpack.

    "Things have been coming in slowly throughout the course of the investigation and today, the detectives felt comfortable making that arrest," said Bothell police Officer Ken Seuberlich.

    Days before Susann Smith's body was found, Alan Smith looked up airfare for himself and his two kids to Venezuela, and looked up the best places to live in Central America, police said. Alan Smith moved back into the home with his girlfriend, Love Thai, who posted on her Facebook page that she is pregnant.

    Thai cried Thursday night when she talked about Smith’s arrest. She found out Wednesday she’s pregnant with Smith’s child.

    “It’s just hard to be separated from him right now. This is my first baby, and I want to be, I’m excited about it and I want him to be there at every appointment,” said 32 year-old Thai.

    She said detectives interviewed her for 2 hours on Thursday.

    She’s convinced Smith is innocent, “I believe Alan when he says he didn’t do it. I absolutely believe him.”

    Thai said she asked Smith if he did it, “I looked him in the eye and said if you did it, forgive yourself--I’ve you did it, I forgive you and we’ll move on. He said ‘I didn’t do it’. And I said ok.”

    Thai said her family is worried about her safety. She told us detectives were worried about her too.

    Alan Smith was booked into the Snohomish County Jail  on charges of first-degree murder. His first court appearance is schedule for Friday afternoon in Everett.

    Love Thai said she’d be there, that she’d stand by Smith, no matter what.

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