• Espresso stand robbed in Everett

    By: Alison Grande


    EVERETT, Wash. - Baristas are on alert after a robbery at Diedrich’s Coffee at 20th and Broadway.

    Tuesday at 11 am, the robber rode up on a bike, ordered a coffee, then grabbed cash from the register and took off.

    Nearby Garfield Elementary went into lockdown as police searched for the robber.

    “He actually got a drink from the girl, he was nice, she didn't suspect anything, there was customers on the other side and he was kind of avoiding her and waiting for them to go away,” said Amber Speegle, who also works at the stand.

    Tuesday night, Speegle had her husband sit in his truck outside the stand to keep an eye on her.

    While Speegle wasn’t the target this time, she has been robbed before.

    “I just feel safer having somebody else here, “said Speegle.

    The suspect was captured on surveillance video.  Everett police are looking at the video to see if there are any clues that will help them catch the man responsible.

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