• Department of Ecology testing groundwater in Bellingham 14 years after pipeline explosion


    BELLINGHAM, Wash. - Fourteen years after a massive pipeline explosion, the work to clean up a Bellingham park isn't over.

     The Washington Department of Ecology will be at the site Wednesday, testing for remaining gasoline.

     DOE officials hope they won't find any contamination, and in the last five years data shows the 3 million gallons of water flowing through the site does meet state standards for cleanup sites.

     It's been 14 years since a gas pipeline operated by the Olympic Pipe Line Company exploded and killed three people.

     The leak that led to the explosion in Whatcom Falls Park caused 237,000 gallons of gas to flow into Hanna and Whatcom creeks.

     Though much of it burned off in the fire, a water treatment system was later installed to handle the remaining contamination.

     Another result of the incident was the city of Bellingham and Olympic Pipe Line came to an agreement on safety measures.  

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