• Employee allegedly cleans out convenience store -- on camera

    By: Alison Grande


    RENTON, Wash. - Renton police are searching for an AM/PM employee who is accused of cleaning out the store during an overnight shift.

    Managers at the AM/PM off Renton Avenue North said Josh Canterbury was trusted to work overnight alone.

    They said he spent this past weekend stealing thousands of dollars' worth of cigarettes and even more cash.

    Vince Lane, who helps manage the convenience store, said Canterbury seemed trustworthy and dependable. The store was found abandoned Monday morning so Lane started going through surveillance video.

    “I watched him on video fill up bag after bag with products and fill his pockets with an uncountable amount of cash,” said Lane.

    Lane said Canterbury stole more than $10,000 from the store. The video even shows Canterbury giving away candy and snacks to customers.

    The theft started on Friday night and ended early Monday morning, according to Lane. When Canterbury was done, he was seen turning off the lights and walking out the door with several full bags.

    Lane thinks Canterbury had some help.  He said two other men are seen entering and leaving with items from the store.

    What is most puzzling to Lane is that Canterbury didn’t seem to care that all his actions were caught on camera.

    Lane thinks it’s possible Canterbury isn’t the man’s real name.

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