Employee at assisted living facility charged with stealing from seniors


SEATTLE - An employee at an assisted living facility has been charged with burglary after police said she was spotted on video rummaging through an 82-year-old woman's purse.

The executive director at the Fred Lind Manor assisted living facility on Capitol Hill said he suspected his employee, Joyce Taylor, 23, of stealing things in the past. After several cases, he contacted a private investigation company to set up cameras in the rooms in attempts to put a stop to the thefts, according to court documents.

Police said it worked right away.

After the cameras were installed, police said Taylor was seen on camera slipping into the room of an 82-year-old resident and rifling through her purse. She also allegedly snatched an envelope full of money from the purse before she left.

The director of the facility confronted Taylor after he saw the video and fired her before calling police, according to court documents.

Police say that Taylor admitted to stealing the money from the woman's room, but she denied that she had anything to do with12 incidents overall at the facility.

Taylor has no criminal history prior to this and even told police she'd never lie about something she did.

She now has a restraining order against her from her elderly victim and Fred Lind Manor.

Her arraignment, where she is expected to enter a plea, is set for later this month.

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