• Email to Kentwood High School threatens 'blood bath'


    COVINGTON, Wash. - Students at Kentwood High School were sent home at 10:15 a.m. Friday as a safety precaution due to a reported threat made over email.

    Kent School District Executive Director of Communications Chris Loftis said that the school's principal received the email around 9 a.m. The email was specific about dates, times and places.

    According to Sgt. Cindi West, the email threatened a “hostage takeover and blood bath." It indicated that bombs were hidden in the school and that they would go off at lunch time. 

    Loftis said the school started putting a plan in place after consulting with law enforcement. 

    The school was placed into modified lockdown. The King County Sheriff’s Office's K-9 unit was brought in to sniff for explosives, and numerous deputies conducted a search of the school.

    No explanation was given to students about the lockdown. 

    "I was in chemistry and we were in the middle of a lab," Jeff Duffield, a junior, said. "So we finished up the lab and then we sat down and talked for the remainder of the time."

    An hour later, students were told that they would be released early.

    Police found no explosives at the school, and police said that they believed the threat was a hoax. 

    “Early information is that the email was sent from a former student that hacked into another former student’s account and sent the email,” West said.

    Police were still determining who sent the email on Friday afternoon.

    All evening activities at the school were canceled.

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