• Election results show school levies in Seattle, Tacoma passing


    SEATTLE - Special elections were held in 32 of Washington's 39 counties on Tuesday.

    Seattle voted on two school levies: a $552 million operations levy to provide about a quarter of the district's budget and a $695 million capital levy for school construction and upgrades, including wi-fi in every school.


    Both are renewals of levies that are set to expire. They do not represent additional taxes.


    A bond measure was also on the ballot in Tacoma. Proposition 1, a $500 million levy, would pay for the replacement or renovation of 14 schools across the city. 


    In Puyallup, the district has a $280 million levy on the line.


    Election day results were available on Tuesday night.


    Tuesday night results indicated that Seattle Proposition No. 1, the Operations Levy, was passing. 80,112 voters, 74.11 percent, voted to approve the levy. 27,990 voters, 25.89 percent, voted to reject it.


    Seattle Proposition No. 2, the Capital Levy, was also passing. 77,222 voters, 71.58 percent, voted to approve the levy. 30,659 voters, 28.42 percent, voted to reject it.


    31.61 percent of Pierce County ballots were counted at 8:06 p.m. on Tuesday. 24,000 voters, 69.63 percent, had voted to approve the Tacoma levy. 10,468 voters, 30.37 percent, had voted to reject it.  Only 60 percent is needed for it to pass.


    The Puyallup levy was not passing, with about 54 percent voting yes.  Sixty percent is needed for it to pass.


    Final results will be certified Feb. 26.

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