• Effort to oust Pacific mayor begins

    By: John Knicely


    PACIFIC, Wash. - Angry Pacific citizens began their petition Friday to recall Mayor Cy Sun. 

    The first signatures came just two hours after a judge threw out the mayor’s latest fight against city employees, noting how much taxpayer money is being spent in the saga.

    Don Thompson was the first to sign the petition outside City Hall.  He and others said they are fed up with Sun’s efforts to overhaul the city. Also, he said it’s costing taxpayers big time.

    “All total I'm estimating the last 16 months is at or near $500,000,” said Thompson. 

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News requested the exact numbers from the city of Pacific.  They are working on the numbers and KIRO 7 will share them once they become available.

    Judge Gerald Johnson echoed taxpayer money concerns during a hearing with Sun in the Pierce County Superior Court on Friday morning. He noted that Sun’s attorney, Tyler Firkin, didn’t properly file his paperwork for the proceeding, but the judge decided to rule anyway.

    “Because what we're doing is spending a great deal of taxpayer's money,” said Johnson.  Then he promptly threw out the mayor's latest legal attempt to keep the police chief and other employees off the job.

    After the ruling, the mayor claimed he would allow the police chief and lieutenant to do their jobs.  But through their attorney, Joan Mell, the chief and lieutenant claimed the mayor threatened to fire them if they showed up for work.

    “It appears the mayor wants to maintain his position of overhauling the city,” said Mell.  “And it sounds to me like he's trying to run a dictatorship.  So he's not listening to the courts.”

    Sun said through his attorney, he had returned items to the police chief and lieutenant, and that they needed to do their jobs.  

    But Mell said that was not true and that the lieutenant hasn't received his badge back and can't access work emails for administrative duties.

    Firkin made it clear that Sun isn’t backing down and that the costly saga is far from over.

    “He's going to continue this fight to the end,” said Firkin.  “Until the city is reformed or the citizens of Pacific say they don't want him to continue on with his fight.”

    Thompson and other leaders said they’ll have the 427 signatures needed for a recall election turned in by Monday morning.

    KIRO 7 did a Freedom of Information request to the city clerk, but Sun responded:

    “All you’ll find concerning me, paid to Van Siclen, Stocks & Firkins was $42,120.51 (3-11-13) by Order of the Superior Court of Pierce County for the Pacific City Council’s case against me. I was the RESPONDENT.  It was awarded because I had to respond, as mayor, against the City Council. The City Council took me to court, they pay for my expense.

    You won’t find any other attorney charges on my behalf.  I’m paying my private attorneys for defending me and the City.   

    Put this in your mind:  I’m the only mayor in the history of the United States who is paying a private attorney to defend what the council is not doing for the city, instead doing to me.   

    I simple words: Everything I’m doing as mayor is for the City, not for myself. I have no self-business interest with the City of Pacific, except I’m the mayor.

    It’s hard for you to understand, but this is how it is:  I was elected mayor on a WRITE IN against the incumbent, Richard Hildreth and John Jones (President of the Council).  My platform was to Clean up Corruption.   

    I promised the people I’ll clean up the CORRUPTION and I’m backing up my promise with my own money.  As of today, I’ve spent about $130, 000 of my own money, living up to my promise.

    That’s why I will not resign, call it quits and stop spending my own money.

    As of today, I’ve depleted our life-time savings and will be mortgaging our house, which we own outright.  

    Would you do what I’m doing, if you made a promise? I doubt it! 

    You damn news people are shoving my head in the scum, and don’t give damn about the truth.  The truth does not make sensational NEWS. 

    Read my blog: www.mayorcysun.blogspot.com.  You might know what the Hell’s going on behind the curtain.  I’m writing more and will be included into my blog, next week.

    Really, you news guys tee me off.  You could have asked me, instead of investigating me behind my back.  I’ve been getting too much of that sneaky bit. You city-guys don’t seem to trust anyone.”

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