• Report details problems plaguing Seattle School District


    SEATTLE - A financial scandal and high school board turnover are some of the issues a scathing new report says are plaguing the Seattle School District.


    The report recently released by the US Chamber of Commerce says a variety of issues contribute to the district's inability to operate smoothly. They include board composition, off-cycle election timing, constituent demands and community misunderstanding of board member roles.


    Some of the issues occurred during the tenure of former superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson, who the school board later fired. The report cites her non-communication with the board and a management style that didn't mesh well with present school board members as factors that contributed to the district's downfall.


     There’s also the alleged misuse of nearly $2 million last year by a district-run program aimed at supporting small minority businesses that was exposed by the state auditor’s office.


    The detailed case study can be found on the US Chamber of Commerce's website.


    The report is part of a larger study the chamber conducted on 13 districts across the nation to support its claim that businesses need to be more involved in school board elections.



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