• Edith Macefield house to be moved, donated to non-profit


    SEATTLE - The Edith Macefield house in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood that reminds many of the movie “Up” has a happy ending.

    It will be moved and donated to a local non-profit.

    The 86-year-old owner of the home at 1438 Northwest 46th Street, which is sandwiched between commercial buildings, refused to sell it until the day she died in 2008, even turning down an offer for $1 million.

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    Since then, the home has remained empty.

    The house was up for auction earlier this year, but nobody wanted to assume the $300,000 in liens.

    The liens were dropped and it  was then put on the market.

    The listing broker says they will announce the non-profit organization that will receive the famous house next week.

    The broker says he can't imagine a more wonderful ending.

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