• Friend remembers International District homicide victim

    By: Chris Legeros


    SEATTLE - More than 30 shots were fired in Seattle’s International District early Saturday.

    When the shooting stopped, the body of a young man was found in the parking lot of the Seattle Deli. A friend identified him as 27-year-old Mohamed Osman. His nickname was Diiyeesha.

    That friend, Hassan Diis, said Osman emigrated from Somalia about five or six years ago. He called the murder a real tragedy and he can’t imagine why someone would hurt Osman.

    Diis said, “He was a very cool guy and everybody knows him, loves him.” A number of young Somalis are known to hang out at a Hookah bar, just steps away from where Osman was found.

    Hassan Diis said if there were eyewitnesses to the shooting, they probably won't talk to police.

    He said there's not only a language barrier, but a mistrust of law enforcement. There are also fears of retaliation within the Somali community.

    Diis said if Seattle police would hire some East African police officers,that might help bridge the gap between the Somali community and the department. 

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