• During video tour of Utah home, Susan Cox Powell gives dark glimpse inside life


    SEATTLE - A 44-minute video made by Susan Cox Powell, apparently to document her family’s assets for insurance purposes, gives a look inside the home she shared with her late husband Josh Powell and their two now-deceased sons, Braden and Charlie.

    In the July 29, 2008, video, Powell talks in a monotone voice while touring the Utah home while describing the family’s belongings.

    At one point, she goes into a room used as an office and points to a file cabinet and says it’s where her husband’s files are kept, tries to pull on a drawer and said he kept it locked.

    Her son, Charlie is seen in the video.  At one point, he is lightly admonished and told to put a camera down.

    The tour goes on to show the family’s back yard where Cox Powell says pumpkins, cantaloupe and watermelons are growing.  There are also cherry trees.

    Near the end of the video, Cox Powell turns the camera toward herself.

    “This is me. It’s July 29, 2008. It’s 12:33 Mountain time. I’m covering all my bases that if something happens to me or my family or all of us, that our assets are documented,” said Cox Powell.

    Then, in what may have been an insight of things to come, she continues.

    “I hope everything works out and we’re all happy and live happily ever after, if that’s possible.”

    Afterward, Cox Powell goes through her jewelry, pointing out “a wonderful diamond necklace” her mother bought her as well as various diamond, jade and pearl earrings.

    But when she gets to her necklaces, the narrative takes a dark turn.

    “And I had necklaces too, wherever those are (inaudible) got in a rage as you can see and broke this, there’s studs and pearls and opals in there, broke those and then threw all my DVDS and made a mess because he was angry at me about a year or two back,” said Cox Powell, who was likely referring to her husband.

    Whether Cox Powell had a clue to what her future might hold will never be known.

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