• During 11th DUI arrest woman says she's ‘drunker than a skunk'

    By: Lee Stoll


    MONROE, Wash. - A North Sound woman arrested 11 times for drunken driving refuses to stay off the road.

     "At this point, she is a danger to the public," said a Snohomish County judge as 58-year-old Jacqueline Luzzani sat in a jail jumpsuit. She could only sit and listen as the judge listed off her long list of drunken driving offenses.

    “…driving under the influence, hit-and-run unattended, driving under the influence, negligent driving…"

     A Washington state trooper pulled the Monroe woman over Wednesday night for not wearing her seatbelt.  In court papers, she said “I'm going to tell you right now, I'm drunker than a skunk."

    In his report, the officer said Luzzani’s speech was slurred, her eyes were bloodshot and she reeked of alcohol.

    Her driving record showed  four prior DUI charges and another six DUI cases still pending.

    Luzzani was supposed to have an ignition interlock device, which is like a Breathalyzer for a car.  It won’t start if the driver has been drinking.   Wednesday was the third time she was caught in a car without one.

     "We're all extremely fortunate that she hasn't seriously hurt or killed somebody," said Washington State Patrol Trooper Mark Francis.

     According to state law, a DUI is a felony is someone is convicted of four in 10 years.  Luzzani pleaded at least one charge down to negligent driving, so her status is unclear.

     "Whether it's a felony or a gross misdemeanor, given her driving history and refusal to stop driving drunk, I ask the court to set her bail at $15,000," said the prosecutor.

    KIRO 7 checked for other Washington drivers with double-digit DUI arrests and found Dwight Benson.  The Seattle man was arrested 17 times in 25 years.  He was sentenced to  four years in prison in 2011.

     "How many times are you going to roll the dice and hope a pedestrian doesn't walk out in front of you, or you don't take out someone in a crosswalk?"  said trooper Francis.

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