• Duo busted in prolific ID theft

    By: Deborah Horne


    You could call Dave Skow a one-man detective agency, as he thumbed through several file folders filled with papers.  He got started when thieves stole his driver's license from his car last October.

    "I have a Target file, I have a Fred Meyer file. I have a Staples file," said Skow. "And I said 'Ooh, no big deal.’”

    But the day before Thanksgiving, a friend called, saying she had just gotten a bounced check with his name on it.

    "And I'm like, 'Oh, boy, this isn't good.' So then the tidal wave started for a month with all these checks coming," he said.

    The checks were drawn on accounts at banks all over the Puget Sound region, the lion's share at JP Morgan Chase. Among the retailers, Target was one of the hardest hit 55 bogus checks with his name on it alone, totaling about $5,000.

    "They're real checks," said Skow. "So they were able to get money out of somebody's account."

    "They," say prosecutors, are Dennis Alan Pope and Tammi Lynn Lohman, a couple whose criminal histories date back to the 1980s.

    According to court documents, Pope and Lohman did most of their dirty work stealing mail.  At one point, they allegedly stole an entire blue mailbox and every piece of mail in it.

    "He goes, 'Oh, yeah, they were on the run, they were in a motel. They knew we were after them.' "

    Skow said he talked to the federal agent who helped nab Pope and Lohman.

    "They look semi-normal," Skow said, looking at a photo of the couple. "But they're also very, very frightening."

    And now back, they are back in jail.

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