• Drug lab causes explosion in Tacoma


    TACOMA, Wash. - A methamphetamine lab may be to blame for an early morning explosion in a Tacoma neighborhood Monday.

    Tacoma fire was called to a home on South 88th Street and Ainsworth Avenue after receiving a report of an explosion and a fire shortly before 2 a.m.

    The explosion happened inside a 40 foot semi-trailer behind the house where several people live.

    The blast sent the walls of the trailer flying about 40 feet.

    The fire department said a man admitted he was cooking drugs, possibly methamphetamine, inside the trailer.

    Earlier reports indicated the man tried to light a propane heater, but ended up igniting gas that had backed up into the trailer.

    The fire department searched the debris field, which was spread across the large backyard.

    “We did have our hazmat team come out with their monitors. They couldn’t find any combustibles or anything off-gassing at this time,” said Tacoma Fire Department Battalion Chief Dave McRoberts.

    The man was taken to the hospital with burns and a neighbor was treated by medics at the scene after some things fell in his house during the explosion.

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