• Driver swerves to avoid cooler on I-90; killed in crash


    Troopers are looking for the owner of a boat that lost its cooler Friday night, caused a driver to swerve and crash into another vehicle. The driver died in the crash, authorities said.

    The crash happened on eastbound I-90 between Issaquah and North Bend. 

    According to the Washington State Patrol, a 79-year-old man driving a classic antique Ford pickup was trying to avoid hitting a cooler, which tumbled out of a boat that was being towed on a trailer in front of him. 

    When the driver of the pickup served, he slammed into the corner of a Suburban. 

    “It’s really up to the driver to make the decision in the split second of time and I don’’ want to be in that situation myself,” said Brandon Villanti of the Washington State Patrol.

    Both vehicles careened into the median. 

    Troopers said the driver in the pickup died and the driver of the Suburban was not injured 

    An eyewitness tried to get the license number of the boat and trailer, but it continued traveling. 

    “If anybody witnessed the actual collision or any of the debris in the road, or especially the vehicle that lost it, we would definitely like a phone call,” said Villanti. 

    Anyone with information is urged to call the Washington State Patrol. 

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