• Dramatic video of stabbing - state patrol wants your help finding the attackers

    By: Richard Thompson


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - Dramatic video taken from an Intercity Transit bus is now a key piece of evidence in a double stabbing that happened in Olympia's Sylvester Park on Tuesday. 

    The Washington State Patrol said transient Daniel Homan stabbed Ralph Turpin in the back while Turpin was riding a bike through the park. At the same time an Intercity Transit bus was pulling up to a stop at Capitol and Union right across from the park. 

    The surveillance cameras on the bus show the stabbing suspect Homan running down the street and hopping on the bus. A group of other men can then be seen running toward the bus. The bus driver asked us not to use her name but she described the scene.

    "A bunch of people coming running to the bus, jumping up on the bus. They were hitting and pounding the windows and screaming, 'We want him, he just stabbed someone.'"

    As the mob pounded on the windows, the stabbing suspect begged the driver to take off. The driver said, "He wanted me to go, go, go, just go."

    To protect her passengers the driver shut the doors of the bus, but then she can be heard screaming at the stabbing suspect to leave the bus. 

    "I told him to get off my bus now," she said.

    When the driver opened the door, one of the men waiting outside jumped onto the bus and the stabbing suspect Homan ran out the back door.

    Just seconds after Homan got out of the bus, a group of people surrounded him and started hitting him and knocked him to the ground. It was at some point during this exchange that Homan ended up getting stabbed and critically wounded himself.

    The bus driver is upset the man was hurt, but she said she was doing what she needed to do to keep her bus passengers safe. "I'm very thankful; it could have gotten pretty bad, but it didn't. No innocent people got injured or hurt or anything."

    Now the state patrol is asking the public to take a good look at the people in the video. Detectives are hoping someone can help identify them. Anyone with information is asked to call the Washington State Patrol tip line at 253-538-3100.

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