• Dog owners demand changes in Belltown park


    SEATTLE - A sculpture in a well-known off-leash dog park in Belltown has been a concern for dog owners.


    Two weeks ago, a dog injured her back legs after jumping off of a curved structure called “Gyro Jack” at Regrade Park.


    Dog owner Jesse Wise spoke with KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Bob Robuck about how his 6-month-old collie, Bailey, was injured.


    “And next thing I know, I’m not sure if she jumped, fell, I really don’t know,” said Wise. “My back was turned, I was on my way down, I see her on the ground, on the cement and her right leg was broken.”


    Wise said that he got Bailey immediate treatment, and she is currently healing.


    The cost to treat Bailey’s injuries was thousands of dollars, according to Wise.


    Wise isn’t the only dog owner who has had an injured pet, and there have been others with similar cases.


    Another dog owner, Chrissy Tomaselli, said her dog slipped off the side of the structure’s second tier and fell onto the ground. Her dog wasn’t injured.


    Wise wants the “Gyro Jack” to be much safe before other dogs get hurt by jumping off of the structure.


    “They have wood chips around here. Why doesn’t that, maybe, have wood chips around that, or maybe it could be shorter,” Wise said.


    A spokesperson with Seattle Parks and Recreation to KIRO 7 Eyewitness News that they were never informed about the incident, and they have no plans of removing the sculpture from the park. 

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