DOC rescinds release plan for Steven Powell


MONROE, Wash. - Steven Powell, a sex offender who had an obsession for his missing daughter-in-law, Susan Powell, was expected to be released from prison early next month, but the Department of Corrections has rescinded the release plan.

The plan for Powell's release was rescinded after a property owner in Tacoma withdrew the offer to have him as a tenant upon his release from prison.

 Powell is the father of Josh Powell, the man implicated in the disappearance of his wife, Susan Powell, who killed himself and his two sons in a fiery blast that destroyed a rental home in Graham.

 Powell was scheduled to complete his prison sentence Nov. 4.

 He started his prison sentence in June 2012 at the men’s reception center in Shelton before he was transferred to the Twin Rivers Unit of Monroe Correctional Complex two months later.

 Powell can submit another release plan for the DOC to review.

 In order to be approved, the release plan must have a safety plan for victims, a suitable address, a plan for Powell to participate in treatment and a plan for him to support himself.

 If Powell is unable to submit a release plan that the Department of Corrections can approve, he will be released from prison when he reaches his maximum-release date in March 2014.

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