• Aggressive coyote caught, euthanized


    SEATTLE - An emaciated, mangy and aggressive coyote that had been see prowling Seattle's Volunteer Park was caught and euthanized Friday.


    The coyote was apparently in the late stages of a fatal disease that can make the animal very aggressive, CapitolHillSeattle.com reports.  Wildlife officials said it was fairly rare for a coyote to behave in such a manner.


    The Seattle Parks Department said there were reports the coyote attacked a dog.   


    It was seen near a playground under construction.


    The USDA trapped and euthanized the animal, but did not say when or where it was found.


    Parks officials told CapitolHillSeattle.com that because the coyote's fur was  falling off, the animal likely had a kind of mange.

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