• Disaster declaration for Oso slide may bring federal assistance to Index

    By: Chris Legeros


    INDEX, Wash. - When President Barack Obama signed a disaster declaration after the Oso slide, victims became eligible for federal grants and low-interest loans to rebuild homes.   

    That same help could be available in the Mt. Index Riversites community. 

    The disaster declaration didn’t single out one community, it applied to Snohomish County.  

    “That’s the way FEMA works," said Don Jacks, a FEMA spokesman.

    Ten homes have been so damaged by slides in Index that they’ve been red-tagged as unsafe.   

    A couple of other homes have been destroyed.   

    Elizabeth Hill was cut off from her cabin when the only road to 200 properties collapsed.

    For me it’s not such a big thing because it’s just a summer place, but for a lot of people, they live there full-time and we have a lot of lower income people that really, really do need help," she said.

    “If they were damaged by a mudslide or flooding on March 22 or after, and if they were not totally covered by insurance, and if it was a primary residence, then there is a possibility that they could be covered under this disaster declaration," Jacks said.

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