• ‘Dirty bird' steals school's ‘nasty' mascot costume



    A local high school’s mascot costume that was a little worse for the wear has flown the coop, believed to have been taken by a “dirty bird.”


    According to MLTNEWS.com, the Mountlake Terrace High School Hawk costume was last seen in mid-October.  The senior who wears the costume at games and assemblies, Bailey Bane, said he last saw the costume in his car.


    MTHS Athletic Director Kim Stewart told MLTNEWS.com he believes it was stolen.


     “It’s a sad story,” he said, “But in a way, the guy did us a favor.  That thing was getting a little nasty.”


    A $1,200 replacement costume has been ordered.


    Stewart said he is hoping to get some help to pay for the pricey suit from a charity or the school’s sports booster club.

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