• Detectives zero in on clues for murder of Redmond woman

    By: David Ham


    Bellevue, Wash. - More than two years after 48-year-old Lorill Sinclaire disappeared, police hope to find clues of her murder underneath the carpet of her ex-boyfriend's apartment in Bellevue.  "It's a no body homicide, it's a very difficult case to investigate. The case has been ongoing. We have been doing other activities over the couple of years," said Officer Michael Dowd, of Redmond police.

    A search warrant filed by detectives said, "Given that fact Mark was the last person seen with Lorill before she went missing, the fact her keys were left in his apartment, her vehicle was found .14 miles from his residence, and circumstances surrounding their ongoing volatile relationship, I believe there may be evidence of the crime of homicide in the apartment Mark resided in at the time Lorill went missing." Sinclaire was last seen on Nov. 8, 2011.

     Detectives discovered that her ex-boyfriend, Mark Frisby, bought paper towels, two 20 count boxes of 30 gallon trash bags, bleach, and a10 gallon garbage bag, just a day after she was last seen.  He told detectives he bought the supplies to clean his apartment before he moved out, but his landlord told detectives the place was "not left clean."

     Detectives also wrote in the warrant, "I am aware of cases where blood has been cleaned from the surface of a carpet and no longer visible, but once the carpet is removed, bloodstains are detectable on the underside of the carpet and the floor beneath the carpet."  Redmond police hope to search the apartment in the next two weeks.

     Detectives eliminated Sinclaire's ex-husband and another man as a person of interest. Frisby is now the only person of interest in this homicide. Detectives say he's moved away from the area.NO

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