Detectives say string of Monroe fires work of firebug


MONROE, Wash. - Detectives said a string of recycling containers set on fire overnight in Monroe is the work of an arsonist.


Seven fires were set overnight within a 1-mile zone, causing firefighters to race from one fire to the next.


One of the fires, which burned and melted an Allied Waste recycling container and partially burned a parked Jeep, could have caused the SUV to explode if firefighters hadn’t have arrived quickly.


"Gas tank and everything else.  That's scary,” said neighbor Carl Wright.


Wright lives down the street, close to another bin that burned onto the sidewalk.


He said he was thankful he didn't have his containers out.


Firefighters said the first fire was discovered around 2 a.m. Wednesday.


Though police don’t have any suspects, Wright said the start of school next Wednesday can't come fast enough.


"I guess the kids don’t have enough to do, so they've got to find stuff to burn,” said Wright.


One of the fires was at Park Place Middle School, where a Dumpster was torched and some nearby pallets caught fire.


Detectives are looking for surveillance video and any leads from the public to track the arsonist down.

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