• Detectives say acupuncturist accused of molestation could have more victims

    By: Henry Rosoff


    EVERETT, Wash. - A 79-year-old acupuncturist is accused of molesting one of his patients, Snohomish County Sheriff’s detective said. 

    Kuo Yee was arrested in April for repeatedly sexually assaulting a female patient.  However, Tuesday is when law enforcement made a plea for more potential victims to come forward. 

    “We’d like those victims to get justice for the crimes that may have been committed against them,” a Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman said. 

    Yee faced similar accusations in the early 90s.  He was never convicted; still the Washington Department of Health ordered Yee to have a female monitor him at all times while he treated female patients. 

    On Tuesday, KIRO 7 tracked down the monitor and asked her about the possibility of more victims.

    “There aren’t [any victims],” Zoe Escobar said.  “I was the monitor, and I (have) been there 10 years.  There are no other victims.” 

    Escobar has Multiple Sclerosis and detectives said she spent most of her time in Yee’s office sitting at the front desk, not actually watching Yee.

    “They’re wrong,” Escobar said.  “They act like there was 100 people there and I couldn’t handle them all at once.   It was a slow practice.  There was no more than two females at any one time.” 

    On Tuesday, Yee’s family would not comment on the allegations of more victims.

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