• Detectives investigate mysterious pile of AK-47 ammo dumped on lawn

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Seattle police are investigating a mysterious pile of ammunition for an AK-47 dumped on a North Seattle lawn.

    Last Friday, neighbors on Evanston Avenue North found more than 100 rounds of the ammunition on a neighbor's lawn. It was at a vacant house up for sale.

     "There's a lot of children in the neighborhood, it's a block from a school, this is definitely something that shouldn't be there," said Doug Bilderback, who called 911 when he discovered the ammunition.

     His neighbor, Collen Corr, also called police.

     "I thought 100 rounds of ammunition don't roll out of someone's truck bed," said Corr.

     In the pile of live rounds were also some papers and business cards of a contractor.

     Neighbors thought the contractor may have dumped the ammo in the yard. When KIRO 7 called the number on the card, the contractor said that his truck was burglarized a day before the ammo was dumped. He didn't know anything about the live ammunition.

    "The rounds could have been dropped inadvertently or they could be evidence of a crime," said Detective Renee Witt with Seattle police.

    "We'll put them into evidence, and later on down the road should something come up, we can always analyze them to see if they are connected to a crime," said Witt.

     Police also said that without a gun the rounds are not dangerous, but added they should be kept in a safe place.

    No guns were found near the pile of ammo.

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