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    SEATTLE - Prayer for Peace in the City
    Friday, June 1, 2012 6:30pm

    This Friday, June 1 at 6:30pm, St. James Cathedral on Seattle’s First Hill offers a contemplative prayer service in response to the recent spate of violence in our city. The service will feature the meditative music of the ecumenical community of Taizé in France, scripture readings, and candle-lighting. All are welcome.

    Father Michael G. Ryan, Cathedral Pastor, has said: “With all the senseless violence that has recently erupted in our city, it seems important that people of faith come together to pray for the victims and for our law enforcement officials, and to pray for an end to the violence in our midst.”

    If I walk out into the field,
    look! those slain by the sword;
    If I enter the city,
    look! victims of violence….
    Why have you struck us a blow
    that cannot be healed?
    We wait for peace, to no avail;
    for a time of healing, but terror comes instead.
    Do not reject us, for your name’s sake,
    do not disgrace your glorious throne.
    Remember your covenant with us,
    and break it not.

    Jeremiah 14:18-21

    St. James Cathedral is located at 9th Avenue and Marion Street in downtown Seattle.
    Please call 206-622-3559 for more information.

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