Deputy fully recovers after courthouse attack in Grays Harbor County


MONTESANO, Wash. - A deputy is thankful to be back on patrol fully recovered after an attack inside of a Grays Harbor County courthouse last March.


Deputy Polly Davin was responding to a call of a suspicious man at the courthouse. When she arrived, a man lunged  and stabbed Davin in the neck and face, then grabbed her gun and shot her in the arm, police said. 


When Judge David Edwards saw the fight, he jumped in and was stabbed as well.


Steven Kravetz is accused of the attack. He fled the scene, but later surrendered to police.


 KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Richard Thompson spoke with Davin who said she felt very blessed and thankful to be alive.


“He lunges at me and attacks me. I go to the ground,” said Davin. “This is the entry wound right here, and the exit wound right here.”


Davin is thankful to be back on duty after the incident. 


“I likely would be dead,” said Davin. “I’m just amazed to be here, to be honest with you.”


“There’s a part of me that just remains thankful everyday even after bad, busy bad I just want to forget about it kind of days. I’m like, ‘No, I’m alive.’ I’ve been through an experience I’ll never forget and came out the better for it,” said Davin.


Davin spent her Thanksgiving by helping with dinner at her boyfriend’s house. She thanks Dan Thomas for changing her bandages twice a day during her recover even though he hates blood.


Kravetz is facing many charges and will go to trial next March. 

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