• Dead man's possessions stolen from moving truck

    By: Nick McGurk


    A Seattle man died unexpectedly, and after his family from out of state came to pack up his belongings they discovered those belongings had been stolen.
    It happened, family members say, from a parking lot in Tukwila, where the family had rented a moving van and had parked for the night outside a hotel.
    In the days before they had packed up Gene Wong’s life possessions into a Budget moving truck.
    "I think an absolute scumbag would steal a truckload of someone else's belongings,” said John Frey, whose brother-in-law Gene Wong died unexpectedly.
    "You're packing up all the guys hopes and dreams, you're packing up his life,” said Frey.
    Frey said it was hard enough for the family to pack up Wong’s Seattle apartment before they planned to return the belongings to Wong’s mother in Reno, Nevada. The trip was supposed to start Sunday morning but Frey discovered the truck – and Wong’s Honda – was missing from the place they were parked.
    Frey parked the truck in a visible, well-lit spot outside his hotel.
    "This kinda adds insult to injury,” said Frey.
    Wong's 2011 Honda Fit Sport is white and has a missing bumper--so it could fit on the dolly.
    It has Washington License Plate AKU6195. The 16-foot budget truck has an Oklahoma license plate.
    "Hopefully the police can find something, cause that's all we have of him,” said Frey.
    KIRO 7 asked agencies in King County and Seattle about moving truck theft. They tell us moving truck theft is not on the rise, but that it has always been an issue.

    As of Sunday night at 11:30 p.m., the car was found in Kent, according to Frey. But the moving truck, is still not found.

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