• Danford Grant's wife files for legal separation


    SEATTLE -  The wife of Seattle lawyer and accused rapist Danford Grant has filed for legal separation.


    Grant is charged with raping several women at local massage clinics.


    Jennifer Grant filed for legal separation in Snohomish County last Thursday.


    A legal separation does not necessarily mean the two will divorce.  Jennifer Grant's filing will separate their assets and liabilities.


    From the separation date on, any debts and assets Jennifer Grant aquires will be hers, and any acquired by Danford Grant, such as growing attorney fees, will be his.


    The couple’s separation is notable because Jennifer Grant has been one of her husband’s few supporters.


     She works as a supervising city attorney for Seattle but was recently reassigned to work outside the courtroom after news broke that she moved her husband's SUV following his arrest and parked it more than a mile from the couple's home.


     Jennifer Grant was in court supporting her husband during his first court appearances.


     She also wrote to the judge in her husband's defense, asking for a lower bail so he could be reunited with his family.


     It’s unclear if Jennifer Grant would testify in her husband’s trial.


    Legally, it doesn’t matter if the Grants are still married, separated or divorced.  Jennifer Grant cannot be compelled to testify against Danford Grant unless he agrees.  See state law on privileged testimony.


     If she testifies, it’s likely that prosecutors would question why she had a change of heart, after seemingly standing behind her husband when he was first arrested.


    When KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Amy Clancy learned Jennifer Grant had moved her husband’s car, attorneys for the couple told Clancy that she was only trying to stay out of the media frenzy.


    If Jennifer Grant is charged with evidence tampering, her husband cannot testify against her either, whether separated or divorced, unless she agrees.


     The case won’t go to trial until sometime next year.


     Grant is currently out of jail and on home detention.



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