• New search warrant served as Danford Grant provides DNA


    SEATTLE -  

    A prominent Seattle lawyer charged with raping five women at local massage clinics has provided DNA that prosecutors believe will link him to the crimes.


    A one-page document said Danford Grant agreed to a saliva swab, which the King County Prosecutor’s Office now possesses. 


    "My client, Dan Grant, has nothing to hide about his DNA, so he was perfectly willing to provide it to the prosecution without putting them to the trouble of seeking a court order compelling him to give a sample," said Grant's lawyer, Richard Hansen.


    Authorities now have to wait for the results to come back.


    Meanwhile, a search warrant was served at Grant’s former law office several days ago.


    The warrant focuses on parking records, specifically, the records of entry and exit for parking card 2228, which had been Grants pass for years and allowed him access to the lot below Bailey Grant Onsager, the firm for which Grant worked when he was arrested in September for investigation of multiple rapes, but also allowed access to where Grant’s prior firm was located.


    Investigators demanded to search the garage security office at Union Square because "this evidence would ... help determine whether Grant was in fact, at his office, or outside his office at the time of the rapes,” documents said.


    The new search warrant also details that one of the alleged rape victims claims to have had contact with Grant as far back as April 2011.


    The same woman also said Grant canceled an appointment with her in April of this year because "he was out of town in Denver."


    Investigators believe "these records will provide evidence regarding Grant's work schedule, days off, and potential vacation periods or periods away from the office for business travel,” the search warrant said.


    However, prior warrants reveal Grant’s wife used the card to access the building after her husband’s arrest, and her attorney said Jennifer Grant often used it for parking downtown.


    No trial date has been set in the case, but Grant is expected in court for a hearing next week.

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