• Dad accused of giving meth cookies to kids, ex-wife


    DES MOINES, Wash. - DES MOINES – A father is accused of putting meth on his 5-year-old and 7-year-old kids' cookies before sending them off to spend time with his ex-wife. But he won't be charged for that.

    "You have to have evidence to prove a charge beyond a reasonable doubt," said Ian Goodhew of the King County Prosecutor's Office. "We have no evidence to prove that the father had the meth, and placed the meth in the cookies, then gave the cookies to the children. His new wife lived at the house, other people lived at the house."

    Chad Holm's ex-wife told investigators she thought he'd given the cookies to their children, hoping she would try them and fail a drug test during their bitter custody battle. She did -- after testing clean for months -- and that is when she went to police with the foil the cookies were wrapped in, which tested positive for meth.

    During the cookie investigation, Des Moines police found Holm perjured himself by failing a court-ordered drug test and then trying to cover it up by submitting  a fake report to the judge.

    He will now face perjury charges even though prosecutors wish they could go after him for endangering his children as well."Two children had methamphetamine in their system, and if we had the evidence, you can bet that we would have charged the case and taken it to trial," Goodhew said.

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