• Crooks target Burien neighborhood

    By: Deborah Horne


    BURIEN, Wash. - In a neighborhood accustomed to the constant roar of jets overhead, Paul Carlson wants his neighbors to know what is happening on the ground.

    “It's literally trying to get the word out,” he said.

     Over the last couple of weeks, crooks vandalized several vehicles, including his wife's car.  Then Monday afternoon, he and his young son, Atticus, came home to evidence burglars had broken in.

     “And that was the most terrifying part,” Carlson said. “Just coming home with him and not knowing if we were still in danger.”

    He thinks the thieves came in through a back window then made their way to the living room. 

    'That empty space is where the PlayStation used to be," he said, pointing to a white cabinet.

    They also stole the jewelry his wife's grandmother left to her.

    “The monetary setback is not even the worst part of it,” Carlson said, holding his son. “It's just the not knowing.  We just don't know if our stuff is safe or if our family is safe.”

    From Aug. 6 to 12, burglars hit at least four homes in his neighborhood in the 13000 blocks of 10th Avenue South and 12th Avenue South in Burien.

    Neighbor Tim Archer said he was “very surprised to hear it.”  He moved into his 10th Avenue South home about five weeks ago.  He told us he hadn't heard about the burglaries.  Nevertheless, we spotted technicians installing an alarm system today.

    “I just believe in safety and it's a great deterrent,” Archer said. “Hoping that it will keep people from bothering our home.”

    Paul Carlson has installed a motion detector.  It beeped repeatedly while we were there.  He said a full-fledged alarm system is next.

    “Two criminal acts in the span of a week is a little bit much,” he said.

    KIRO 7 is checking with the King County Sheriff's Office to find out if police have any leads.

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