• Woman describes waking up to find daughter stabbing her


    ROCHESTER, Washington - A woman who woke up with her daughter on top of her, stabbing her in the neck talked to KIRO 7 on Tuesday about how she survived the attack and what might have led her daughter to carry it out.

    “She just jumped on me, covered my mouth and tried to slice my throat,” Ruth Daarud said. “I was thinking survival, just survival. I needed to survive.”

    Her voice is still hoarse from the damaged nerves where the knife went into her throat nine days ago.

    He daughter, Amanda Bassell, had been staying in the family home in Rochester since being released from prison eight days before. Police said she used a knife from the kitchen to attack her mom.

    “I grabbed the knife with my hand to hold the blade so she couldn’t cut me anymore, and then I just fought with the other arm until she lost control of the knife,” Daarud said.

    Police said Bassell ran from the house. Officers converged on the area and then found and arrested her on charges of attempted murder.

    “She wanted to be a teacher,” Daarud said.

    She said her daughter had been a beautiful, bright and athletic young lady who was looking forward to college. At 15, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was doing well, but then things started to go wrong.

    “She just got mixed up with the wrong group and they started doing drugs,” Daarud said.

    Bassell is now a six-time convicted felon accused of trying to kill her mother.

    “I still love my daughter, yes,” Daarud said. “Do I have hope she’ll be better? No.”

    Daarud said her daughter must pay the price for what she’s done. She said she would like to see Bassell get help for her mental illness while in prison, but she doubts that will happen.

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