• Burglar blasted in face by shotgun-toting man


    TACOMA, Wash. - Police said a burglar who broke into a Tacoma home was blasted in the face by a homeowner armed with a shotgun.


    Investigators said the burglar was in the process of breaking into a house through a window at 6 p.m. on Tuesday when a 21-year-old man who lives there fired a shotgun once and hit the burglar in the face.


    Officers said the burglar staggered away from the home at 14th and South Madison streets and tried to break into another home to hide from police, but the occupants of that home were inside.


    Neighbor Shannon Carlson was two doors down from the shooting scene with her son Cole when the injured burglar staggered down the alley toward her house.


    “We were just living life, you know. We just came home from my dinner because it’s my birthday. (It was) very scary,” said Carlson.


     Some neighbors who know the man who fired the shot said he sent a strong message to any other burglars who might be considering breaking in to their homes.


    “I think that if the guy’s going to break in through his window and try to steal something, if he’s in his home and he feels endangered that he should be able to do self-defense,” said neighbor Samantha Hampton.


    Police said the homeowner had every right to pull the trigger because he was in fear for his life.


    The injured man suffered disfiguring injuries to his face, but is expected to recover.


    When he does, he’ll be booked into the Pierce County Jail, police say.

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