• Report: Man went shopping after murder spree


    SEATTLE - A man police said killed 5 people and injured one stopped at a West Seattle nursery for some purchases that he then left at a friend’s house before later killing himself.


    According to the West Seattle Blog, Stawicki stopped at West Seattle Nursery shortly before 2 p.m. on Wednesday, a few hours after he shot five people in Ravenna and then a woman on First Hill.


    An employee at the nursery said he purchased a blueberry plant and some sunflower seeds and noticed that he was kind of “creepy.”


    Corinne Kennedy was the employee who helped Stawicki pick the plant out.


    "I got a little bit of a weird vibe.  Not violent, but more like he was indecisive and insecure," said Kennedy.


    That cashier didn't know at the time what Stawicki had done or that police were looking for him, as his photo was not distributed until an hour later.


    Stawicki then left the plant, seeds and the receipt at the home of an old acquaintance along with a note.


    The recipient of the gift later called the nursery, frantic.  


    "I just explained to her, 'well, it's a gift. You should just try to enjoy it if you can.'  And her last words were, 'No, it's not that kind of gift,'" said employee Ingrid Nokes.


    No one in the shop knew at the time that a killer was on the loose. Now, with  proof Stawicki was in their shop, they're  experiencing a kind of shock.


    "What if he had done something here at the nursery?  I just can't even fathom it," said manager Marcia Bruno.


    The nursery manager found out Stawicki was in the shop only after detectives told her they found the customer copy of the receipt.   Police won't say what was in the note Stawicki left with the friend.


    Stawicki later shot and killed himself in West Seattle at 37th and Raymond streets as police closed in.

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