• New details revealed in Seattle shootings


    SEATTLE - Seattle police and city officials revealed new information Thursday in Wednesday's deadly shootings on Roosevelt Way and on First Hill.

    Deputy Chief Nick Metz, who viewed surveillance video of the shootings at Cafe Racer, said that in 30 years of police work, he'd "never seen anything more horrific, callous and cold."

    Police described new details to seattlepi.com:

    When Ian Stawicki entered the Cafe Racer about 11 a.m. Wednesday, staff there recognized him from being thrown out and reminded him of that, police said.

    The 40-year-old Ellensburg native lingered a bit, then walked toward the door.

    He pulled one of his two pistols and shot his first victim in the back of the head near the door. The man's body blocked the door, taking away an escape route.

    One man fought Stawicki with a barstool.

    Stawicki then went behind the bar and shot the others execution-style, police say.

    More information is available on at the link.

    Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel said that a barista was calmly dealing with Stawicki, who opened fire when some of the cafe patrons stood up.

    Police also said they were planning to have officers at schools near shooting sites when students were to be let out for the day.

    Stawicki shot himself when confronted by officers in West Seattle, police said. He later died at Harborview Medical Center.

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