Man travels from Portland to Seattle to retrieve stolen bike, posts quest to YouTube


Jake Gillum

SEATTLE - A Portland man’s quest to track down his stolen bike in Seattle is going viral after he posted video of the encounter to YouTube.

Jake Gillum spotted his stolen bike on Craigslist and, with the help of Seattle police and friends, set up a sting operation at University Village.

The suspect tried to make a run for it, but Gillum’s friends helped stop him and police swept in.

WARNING: Ample amounts of swearing and strong language are contained in the video.

“All of our dads taught us to stand up for ourselves, ‘cause no one’s going to care for your stuff as much as you do, and you need to pursue it,” Gillum said. “You need to do what it takes to get it back, and if more people did that, this problem would go away.”

The suspect was released from jail Tuesday, and charges have been dismissed. It isn’t yet clear why.