• Man killed in crossfire identified as Zillow employee


    SEATTLE - The father of two killed in the crossfire of a Central Area dispute was a software development engineer at Zillow.com who had previously worked at Microsoft.


    Justin Ferrari was killed by a gunshot intended for someone else when a man fired across the street at a group of people he was arguing with.  Ferrari was driving a minivan with his parents and his two children, ages 4 and 7, inside. Police said the bullet went through the window, killing him instantly.


    Zillow on Friday issued a statement, saying the company was "deeply saddened to learn about this tragedy."


    "Justin began working at Zillow three months ago, and worked at Expedia and Microsoft for many years before that. His passing will be felt deeply by his co-workers and friends. Our hearts go out to his family," the statement said.


    Friends and co-workers remembered Ferrari as a smart, loving  family man who was committed to the community.


    Brett Marl worked with Ferrari for year at Microsoft and started a tech company that Ferarri joined before he worked at Zillow. Marl was with Ferrari’s parents as they consoled one another on the porch of Ferrari’s home.


    “Nicest guy you could ever imagine. He loved his kids, loved his wife. He was just an amazing guy,” Marl said. “He was an amazing engineer. Very smart guy, very talented.”


    A friend of the family, Gregg Small, said his children went to school with Ferrari's kids.


    "(He was a) great father, great family man.  And they're a wonderful family. Great loss for the community," Small said.


    Neighbors said anyone could have been the victim.


    "Bullets don't have a name, age, an ethnicity," said Sharyle Donaldson. "The bullet doesn't care."


    Donaldson said her granddaughter heard Thursday's gunshots.


    "She's accustomed.  If she hears shots, she grabs her dog and hits another room in the house," Donaldson said.


    Thomas Samuelsen, who owns a house right near the shooting scene, said the crime is another example of crime in his neighborhood.


    "It's pushed around from one street to another.  Right now, this is the street where people feel comfortable; the prostitutes and the drug dealers," Samuelsen said.


    At nearby Tougo Coffee, the shop owner is donating Friday's proceeds to the victim's family.


    "You band together and do what you can out of a bad situation," said Jon Barr, a customer. "I just feel horrible for the family."


    Police said they were looking for a man in his 20s who fled on foot.


    "Somebody knows something," Assistant Police Chief Nick Metz said at the scene, asking for information on the gunman.


    Police asked anyone with information or who may know the identity or whereabouts of the shooter to call 911 or the Seattle Police Homicide Tip Line at 206-233-5000. They said anonymous tips are welcome.

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